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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Novation KS4


I checked out the Novation KS4 synthesizer while it was making its debut here at Sweetwater yesterday and it is one amazing synthesizer. This synth is an extension of the engine that the A station and K Station are based upon. It includes incredible liquid sounding filters, an arpeggiator, vocoder and Novation's "Hyper Sync" technology. We should have some to ship to our customers in a few weeks. Definately something you all should check out!
September 26, 2002 @08:35pm
Jim Bob

It is spelled "definitely" not "definately".
Just wanted to clear that up. :D
November 6, 2002 @08:36am

gee thanks :(
November 6, 2002 @01:58pm
Jim Bob

lol, I'm just playing with ya. ;)
About the KS4/5, is there really a noticable improvement over the K-station? I liked the K-station but was reluctant to buy one because it wasn't multitimbral, and thought that a programmable arpeggiator would be nice.
I'm happy to see they added HP and BP filter types, so how would you compare it's sound to that of the Supernova? For some reason the mp3 demos on the Novation site aren't working.
November 6, 2002 @09:52pm

I know :D
It's definately closer to the Astation and kstation than the supernova. The hypersync is the really cool thing - kind of makes editing and customizing your patches a lot easier.
This one is 4 part multitimbral.
It's really just a Kstation with a bigger engine and the hypersync feature. Very cool although
November 6, 2002 @10:10pm

Which is better for house, trance, dance, etc.:
a Novation KS-4/5, an audio card, software
or a used Korg Triton classic?
If I go the Novation route, which is smarter...a brand new KS4 or a used Nova or Nova II with a midi controller, or a used Supernova II?
February 6, 2003 @12:36am

February 24, 2003 @07:20am

your really throwing alot out there and I would have to assume quite a bit to answer your question. Please feel free to give me a call sometime and we can discuss.
February 24, 2003 @02:39pm