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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Anyone--how To


Hi guys I am a beginner mobile dj and need to know what I need to buy to get most all of my gear into like a DJ rack for easier transport and setup
Currently I have the following
HP Laptop
M-Audio Torq Xponent
Yamaha mixer (to run xponent, mic, and extra ipods through)
Stage Setter 8 DMX Light Board
2 Behringer B212A Active Loudspeakers
To plug everything into each other and hook up the lights and everything takes soo long before a party and break down is super long too. I've seen so many DJs just bring a rack and laptop and stuff THATS WHAT I WANT! I need to know what to buy in order to use a mic, my xponent, and everything but can leave the majority of the equiptment plugged in in the rack!
Please help...even if you are not a DJ!!!
Thank You So much!!!
February 1, 2008 @03:19am

Looks like you've got what you need. If you haven't found it already, check out www.torq-dj.com, you'll probably get a lot more answers there.
February 8, 2008 @12:00am

Rack wise... Nothing really is currently on the market for what you have..
You might go to http://www.odysseygear.com/ and look at their custom case possiblities... The few people who I know who have cases for the gear you mentioned built them themselves.... There is a pic of one of the cases @ http://www.torq-dj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26 (setup pics pages..)
Gear wise... Agreed with the other fella.. you seem to have everything you need... I use a FURMAN power conditioner though and have everything plugged into it so its just a few switches on and poof I am ready to roll.. The unit I have also helps to eliminate hum that tends to come from Laptops especially HP's... (I have an HP and I know first hand the battery/power supply issues that HP cause regarding noise)

To throw something else out there, if you wanted an all in one rack kind of setup... Since the xponent will be your main DJ mixer... check out this rack mounted Ipod Mixer...
Alesis iMultimix9R

Then just get a case that holds this, perhaps a rack mounted cd player as a backup and you would be set...
Something like the Gator Case might work to hold the above mixer, a power conditioner and a xponent above...
Gator Studio 4 Go

February 12, 2008 @09:25pm