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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Toa Toa Toa


Anyone ever heard of TOA reference monitors? The guy I got the MCI from has a pair and I was curious about them...they seem to be older but I could easily have them reconed if needed.
September 23, 2002 @06:57pm

A friend of mine used to have a pair. They may have made several models so I'm not sure if the ones I heard were the same, but they weren't bad.
September 25, 2002 @03:23pm

I have a pair that are about 15 years old. The foam ring around one of the woofers just gave out. I called TOA and actually got somebody from whom I could order a replacement woofer, but it was $95.00, which at two speakers (the other one would give out soon, just like all 80's-era speakers mde with foam woofers) it maade sense to invest that money in a new set of Alesis monitors.
November 10, 2002 @10:13pm