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10 string octave bass guitars


Hi guys,
dfarwig here.
Does anyone know of any manufactures that make a 10 string octave bass?
Also, I've seen a 8 string octave bass on ebay called a "8 string Starfire Octave bass guitar".
Does anybody know anything about this guitar or where I can go to find out more information about it.
Any of you that have any info about these two questions can either post back here or e-mail me at;
Thanks guys.
January 6, 2008 @05:02pm
Ed Belknap

I'm not aware of any company that makes a stock, off-the-shelf 10-string octave-course bass...but a number of custom luthiers will happily accomodate your request. Check out
Mike Pedulla
Hugh Manson
Chris Stambaugh
Jerzy Drozd
Ron Wickersham @ Alembic, probably
maybe Michael Dolan
January 8, 2008 @05:42pm

I am not sure if this helps, but I went to NAMM in Nashville in 2004, and saw the most amazing array of bass instruments. Many were extended range basses going up to 11 or 12 strings, there were even a few long scale basses. I saw one that was 39" scale and the low string was an f# (a 5th below low B!!! talk about LOW!).. so, there may be some recaps on the namm website. I think it's just www.namm.org or something. NAMM is usually twice a year, and the winter NAMM in california is coming up. you might find out some good bass luthiers on there all in one handy list. good luck!
January 9, 2008 @01:06am
Ed Belknap

I saw one that was 39" scale and the low string was an f# (a 5th below low B!!! talk about LOW!).

That was probably the Knuckle Guitarworks Quake. That low F# is actually a fourth below low B, but they also claim you can tune their basses to EADG an octave below a standard 4-string (using special strings) so that E would indeed be a fifth below low B. In fact, if I'm not mistaken they make a 5-string bass that can at least go down to a C# (ten half steps below a low B) if not a full octave below a conventional 5-string.
I so want one! :)
Of course, then I'd have to deal with some ridiculous infrasonic subwoofers to take advantage of it...
January 9, 2008 @05:51pm

Back in the 70's I owned and played occasionally on specific songs an 8 string octave bass made by a company called Hagstrum (sp) I don't know if they are still making basses or not.
January 10, 2008 @01:41pm