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Using a MIDI controller to send a start loop signal to StylusRMX


Are there any of you out there who use Stylus RMX with Muse's Receptor Hardware ?
Ive installed Stylus RMX on the Receptor and if I plug in a keyboard and monitor - I can use stylus as usual.
I have a midi controller (this is the keyboard) and what i'd like to do is to go into the 'groove menu' (i think this is what its called) so i can press a key on the keyboard and start the loop.
This is pretty much the same thing as pressing the 'play' key on the RMX panel to start off a loop. It sounds simple - but Im new to MIDI programming so would appreciate any pointers on how to set up my controller (Studiologic SL990xp) so that I can send a signal to start a loop on Stylus RMX. I think I need to use the 'Groove Menu' option - but so far not been able to get it to work.
So thats the problem i've got - id just like to start off a loop by pressing a key on the midi controller to start a loop so i dont need a keyboard/screen to connect to the receptor (which is basically a rackmount that plays vst instruments).
Any help would be welcome here - either on forum or PM.
January 6, 2008 @01:17am