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A substituteForYamahaNS10


What is yamaha substitute for NS10?
September 19, 2002 @02:51pm

I was out to purchase a pair of monitor about a year ago and I went with the mindset of ns 10's. I decided to let my ears do the judging and i was down to 2 monitors to choose from...ns - 10's and krk rokits...Dude the KRK's kicked butt! I was able to hear reverb on the rokits and the speaker didn't blow my ear drums with it's tweeter as does the ns 10s. Now when i go into a studio to do a mix I tug along my Rokits and i get what I hear. Good investment. By the way...I don't think Yamaha is making the NS 10's anymore...Someone had told me that but i don't know how true is that. Let your ears do the judging dude not media hype.
September 19, 2002 @03:42pm

Thanks for tip.
A friend of mine has a KRK monitor and I have loved the sound.
September 19, 2002 @04:52pm

Yamaha discontinued the NS10s a few years back when the specific species of tree used to make the paper in the cones was put on the endangered list. Different material in the cones would make the speakers sound different, so they let the NS10s fade away. There is no "official" replacement for the NS10s. I'm partial to Mackie's HR624's and 824's, myself.
September 19, 2002 @07:58pm