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Digimax using Alesis 3630 compressor/gate? Or not?


I own the original Digimax (44.1/48kHZ) bought here, but I'm not sure how to use the limiter and how it should be set for optimal performance. Unfortunately, home-recording in Hong Kong means having to deal with a certain amount of noise level. However, using a condenser (AT4050) mic means I want to keep some distance. That's why I need to use a noise-gate and a compressor for the trumpet solo that I'm recording.
I run a dual-G4 533Mhz w/DP, 1024MB RAM, SCSI U160 10K rpm hard drive. AT4050 mic into Digimax, routing the analog output of the Digimax into an Alesis 3630 compressor/gate and returning the analog signal to the Digimax line-input. Finally, the mic signal is transfered digitally via ADAT optical into DP.
Can anyone offer any advice as to this routing? Am I crazy going through the 3630? I know it's best to just go into the Digimax and stay digital until pre-master, but I need to compress the trumpet a little and the gate saves me time from having to edit out the noise in DP. I know the Digimax limiter serves as a compressor, but I don't know how to set it against the gain knob. Plus the manual offer no assistance.
I also don't want to use the DP plug-ins because of obvious reasons. The musician/vocalist being recorded can't really perform well with LATENCY! Plus, I want the original recorded signal be nice and clean. I don't want the plug-ins to do all the dirty work. The cleaner the signal I can record, the better.
Any help on this specific issue would be greatly appreciated!
September 15, 2002 @05:15am