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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Great Bass Pickups / pros


I am new to this forum, and actually, to bass. 20 years playing gtr. But I want a cool bass in my studio that sounds great. I have my eye on a inexpensive fender precision or jazz. Where is there info on what types of replacement pickups the pros are using? Obviously I won't be able to get by with inexpensive pickups if I want a great sound. EMG, Duncan, Dimarzio etc. Rather than beginning a war of posts about who is best, I'd love to know if there is a site where the equipment of established great bassists is discussed (pickups!!).
September 7, 2002 @03:16pm

Try here, here, here or here. Before you commit to making any changes, play the bass. Record it to see what it sounds like. You just may find that an inexpensive Fender Precision or Jazz bass sounds great as is. ;) One thing for sure is that an upgrade is not guaranteed to improve the performance.
September 8, 2002 @03:48pm

Originally posted by Dix
Custom Spector with one passive Dimarzio “Model P” pickup – It’s no secret I’ve never liked Fender Precisions. I hate the feel with a passion and tone reminds me of the bottom of the Mississippi in New Orleans. Why everybody and his brother-in-law with a rock record in the 70’s played one I have no clue. The best thing Larry Dimarzio ever did was make a decent pickup for it. Finally the Precision got a decent rock tone. Back when Spector wasn’t quite so huge you could get one custom-made and actually get it BEFORE you retire. I shipped them a Dimarzio Model P and they routed one of their bodies for it and no tone control, volume only. (One of the originals designed by Ned Steinberger – just a tad smaller than the current “NS”-line offerings) San Francisco doesn’t have earthquakes that rock as hard as this thing. The midrange is just plain rips your face off.
September 9, 2002 @08:40pm
Messin_With_The _Kids

Some basses record well and some just don't. I don't know why this is, but it is. Fender basses are some that record very well and I'll repeat some of the advice others have given you and say try the stock pups first. They may surprise you. If you still decide to change them, I've found that Duncan Quarter Pounders record quite well.
September 12, 2002 @09:19pm

One of the main guitar makers/repairmen in Seattle loads custom basses with Barolini's. Any comments? Or I hear the EMG Precisions are excellent as well. Any other comments about the Seyour Quarter Pounder.... Of particluar interest is the sound of Geddi Lee. All comments appreciated. Especially if you are really into RECORDING.
September 13, 2002 @05:46am
Messin_With_The _Kids

Well, if it helps any, here's an MP3 of a Duncan QP P-Bass pup mounted in a '79 Kramer DMZ4000. Originally the Kramer came with a Dimarzio, but the Dimarzio was peaky and difficult to record. The Duncan cleaned things right up though.
It's a tune that a guitarist friend asked me to help her with. The bass lines are nothing fancy, but a lot of showboating would have ruined the tune anyway. The hardest part was keeping the notes uniform and staying awake :). I am rather proud of the production though, it's the first time I've had 24 tracks of audio and midi to juggle.
September 13, 2002 @08:01pm

by far the best sounding pick ups are bartolini's(in my opinion)
i had a mexican jazz bass that sounded totally great though.
and it was stock
October 23, 2002 @02:23am

Originally posted by DrGroove
ebozz makes a good point - the stock pickups on the fender models, even the inexpensive ones, sound pretty good, and may be all you need for your studio.

October 25, 2002 @03:39am