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Reason 4.. How to do snare fills?


Hi guys, does anyone know how to do snare fills in reason 4? Im new to the software but kind of grasp it because of my knowledge with Ableton Live 6 and Fruity Loops 7... However i can't work out how to program a fast snare fill..
I was checking out a tutorial and even have a sample file of a drum fill, but it still doesnt explain it too well, and am unsure how to go about it... Any tips appreciated just leave em here.
October 4, 2007 @06:00am
Force Effect

Are you using the Redrum drum machine? You can change the resolution of your sequence with the turn of a nob to really divide up your available beats. This is, of course, the method for creating your own drum rhythms. If using samples, you'll have to recut the sample yourself in another program, such as Audition or Recycle, either destructively or non-destructively depending on the program's capabilities.
October 23, 2007 @07:13pm

A usual good way is to:
1) get a groove going with either redrum or dr. rex
Then either
a) with redrum, automate a change to a new pattern, with the new pattern being the one with the drum fill programmed in
b) with redrum or rex, go into the sequencer window and pencil in (or play from your keyboard) the desired fill.
October 24, 2007 @06:43pm