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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Looking for a great pitch effects tool for DP

Paul D

Great to see the new MOTU forum! Here's a quick question. I've got DP 2.72 with Waves Gold plugins V 3.0. Some excellent tools, but am looking for recommendations on something DP compatible that can give me some wild pitch effect possibilities for vocals as well as other instruments. The Waves Ultra Pitch is ok, but looking for something with more versatility. Any suggestions? ok, Thanks! Paul
August 28, 2002 @10:52pm

What kind of pitch shifting... is this going to be for an "effect" or do you really want to alter the pitch and formant of a vocal to create harmonies? There really are no software plugins that do this that well... that is where a high-end Eventide box comes into play. There are some plugins out there that will give you pitch changing but the results aren't exactly the best.
August 30, 2002 @12:45pm
Paul D

Thanks Brad. I'm looking stricly for sound effects possibilities......Paul
September 2, 2002 @03:58am

Well, you could go with Autotune... in the Manual mode, it allows you to draw in the pitches you want. But it really isn't designed for this....
September 23, 2002 @10:29pm