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2408 and ADAT and O2R


I have the original 2408, running DP3 on a Mac G3. I have an ADAT system with a BRC and an O2R, and would like to be able to fly tracks around, but the only time I tried this, I got clock noise that made the idea useless. I think having the O2R and/or the BRC in the loop complicates matters. I have tried all sorts of clocking and sync options, including giving the 2408, the O2R , and the BRC the same clock from and Aardsync II. Does anyone else have this setup working? Suggestions?
August 26, 2002 @09:30pm

The BRC is a great remote for the ADATs, I couldn't have survived with my (5) ADATs without it. However when trying to use the 02R with ADATs with a computer running Digital Performer.... you REALLY should have a Miditimepiece A/V. Basically, this allows the computer to control the physical tape transports of the ADATs allowing for not only accurate sync, but reliable. When trying to sync this up using just a BRC, you're actually connecting the BRC to the computer and 02R via MIDI. The MTP-AV is a multi-port MIDI interface with full ADAT sync control allowing your BRC, the 02R, and the computer all to be in perfect sync together. Makes life wonderful :-) These are not expensive at all, under $500.
August 26, 2002 @10:04pm