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Protools Help...bounce levels


I've recently bought Protools 4.3.1 882 i/o second hand (I think it's called Session 8 ?) its my first move into digital audio and it is working great for our purposes (acoustic/folk duo) It's on a 9600 Mac.
Anyway, I've worked most of it out but have really come to a dead end when trying to bounce a final mix to disc for CD burning. I have to use a bit of quesswork/estimation to achieve a bounce that is at max level without clipping.
My 'New Track' dialog only shows Audio, Aux Input and Midi track options so I can't get a Master Fader track.
Is there some other way around this problem or do I just keep up with the 'trial and error' bounces?
August 25, 2002 @11:00am

Why has no one replied? Am I missing something? Anyway, not familiar with your system but I have the PT Mix Plus setup. I would suggest creating a stereo aux input and route all the tracks to output to it. Use it to see peak levels. Also, like most PT systems it probably shows red (mistakenly taken for clipping) at -2dB. You do have that extra headroom. Hope this helps, maybe a little late, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
September 16, 2002 @06:25am

Thanks for the reply, I'd almost given up on waiting for a response!
I can create a aux stereo track but I can't successfully internally route any tracks to it? I can only route to it from an external source.
I also didn't know about the headroom you've mentioned. When does clipping occur?
September 16, 2002 @07:43am

Sorry, I had forgotten about this thread! I'm assuming the aux track doesn't have "bussing" capablities? (i.e. when you check the input options on the track, it only shows your interface, not any bussing options). Yeah, I'm not sure.
About the headroom, I'm not sure about your system, but clipping in mix plus systems happens at 0db, however it shows red (confusing some) at -2db. If you're hitting red on the aux track (if you can get it to work) it may not necessarily mean your clipping. Hope this helps.
September 30, 2002 @04:03am