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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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I'm looking to purchase a 2408 MkIII but I have questions.
1. Will the breakout box for my current MkII work at 96kHZ/24 bit, or will I need to purchase two 2408 MkIII's to get 24bit/24 tracks?
2. the SMPTE feature.. can I lock to Final Cut Pro within the same computer or will I need to set up in two separate computers to lock up?
August 24, 2002 @04:19pm

The 2408mkIII will also be based off of a PCI card, the new PCI-424. This will have (4) audiowire expansions instead of (3) giving you up to 96 channels of I/O. The great thing is ALL of your previous PCI-324 series products are fully compatible. Because the DSP is on the PCI card itself, you will also get the full real-time monitoring capability on any I/O you connect. All you need to do is purchase the 2408mkIII Core system and connect your previous module and you're all set.
As far as FCP, I've never tried to sync my audio software with this so I can't answer that exactly. What most do is the video work inside of FCP and get the video how you want it to be. Then make a movie of that and import it into Digital Performer (if that is what you are using?).... you can then sync the video right within the application :-)
Hope this helps!
August 24, 2002 @04:26pm

Thanks for the tip. I tried it and it worked perfectly! Thanks once again!
August 24, 2002 @07:54pm

Oops..... I forgot to address the 96kHz issue. NO, the original 2408 will not give you 96kHz as that is determined by the converters of the box itself. However the new pCI card will give you 96kHz support on anything that supports the card and 96kHz.
August 24, 2002 @08:09pm