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Motu ASIO Drivers for PC a bit of drain?


We are the proud owners of 2 Motu 828s running on a Logic based P4 systems. Hats off to MOTU for a great sounding unit. My question is this though, the ASIO drivers seem alot more processor intensive than there mac counterparts or other similar I/O devices I have used.
Is it just me or does it seem that the 828s are putting more drain on my CPU just initialising I/O channels and running audio than alot of other similar systems do, like the RME? Perhaps the drivers aren't quite as advanced as the Mac ones which seem to be more economical on the CPU, and if so aren't we members of the PC 828 user's due for something of an upgrade? Mac is at 2.1 and we are still at 2.0.
Anyone else notice this device is a bit heavy on the CPU?
The Operative
August 24, 2002 @10:48am

Each developer's driver code is going to be different. RME, for example, was known for developing a very low latency driver some time ago and has been a favorite by some. I still prefer the MOTU 2408 myself for its versatility. As far as a strain on your computer, what seems to be happening? What OS are you running? With the 2408, you should turn off the channels that are not being used. As I understand it, the new PCI-424 card will eliminate the need to do this. The PCI-424 will come with the new 2408mkIII and will provide DSP for real-time monitoring!!! It's going to be awesome.
August 24, 2002 @12:24pm