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Sample rate frustrations


I have this song that I started making in GarageBand. I later on finished in Logic Express (Logic is compatible with GB files).
now as far as I know, GarageBand creates all sessions with a 44100 sample rate, you can't change it to anything else.
When I opened it in Logic Express, of course it maintained the same sample rate, and it sounds fine.
The problem occurs when I bounce it at a sampling rate of 44100 to a wave file, aiff, mp3, whatever...the sound quality suffers, and I don't understand why. wave files should be lossless, or so I thought...
it just loses much of its crispness and top end, I guess like the bit rate is being compressed, even when I save it as a wave or aif.
when I bounce it with a sampling rate of 48000, it sounds perfect. I need to have this at 44100 though...is there some way to safely convert it? everything i've tried so far has just ended up slowing it down and making it sound horrible.
August 16, 2007 @01:15am