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Effects for Trumpet


I've started to play with techno and ambient DJ's. They have been plugging me in to the board and I play over their spinning. I want to get a multi-FX unit to give me some more options. Im torn between some of the new Digi-Tech Vocal Harmonizers and the Korg KP3 or mini koass pad. I think the Korg might be good so I can sync the Dj type effects with them. The connection would be a little harder because I would have to add a mackie 1202 to the mix. What are your thoughts. I could go the route of a rack mount processor.
What would you reccomend?
August 5, 2007 @12:35am

The Kaoss pad has so many fx for the price it's disgusting. Lots of dj centric fx. It would have more experimental type sounds than something live a voicelive say... A vocal type processor would do a better job at harmonies, creating trumpet "sections", reverbs and such... hope that helps a bit.
August 25, 2007 @02:43pm