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Good master keyboard for production?


Hi everyone,
I produce music using Cubase SX3, a lot of VST (I prefer "real sound" VSTs like B4 or Virtual accoustic guitarist, I'm not a big fan of too "electronic" sounds), and Reason 2.
Sorry the questions below might sound stupid, but master keyboards are a new thing to me.
I was working without any master keyboard so far, which limits the "natural" touch of my compositions, I think.
Therefore I'm looking for a master keyboard that would enable me to control my VSTs, not especially live, but more to record VST parts played with the keyboard in my tracks.
I've been looking around, and I saw on forums people recommending Korg Karma or Kurzweil PC2 (workstations). I've been to the websites, it looks more like synths with loads of sound banks, when I'm just looking for a master keyboard to play my VSTs (I wouldn't have much use of all these sound banks).
The ideal would be a keyboard with a nice set of sensitive keys and a few knobs to play with the sound...
Can anyone recommend a good one?
Thanks a lot for your help,
August 3, 2007 @02:03pm

Sounds like you are just looking for a controller
well there are the M-audio Keystation 88's, which have nice features and knobs as far as a controller, but I personally don't like the feel of the keys that much.
I like the feel of the CME Controllers personally. But I have heard that there were some velocity issues and limitations and issues like repeated notes being triggered, this was at least with the older models, I hope this was fixed in the new releases because I think they are a very nice controller.
Quite honestly though, I really like the feel of the yamaha keyboards, such as the Yamaha S08. Great action! and it comes with some onboard sounds. If you are looking to spend some money close to a grand on a controller, you may not want to pass this one up.
I also liked the feel of a studio logic 88 key controller. It was very basic, good feeling keys though, but not much in the controller aspect with features and knobs.
hope that helps give some info. Your best bet if you are looking for feel, is to go try some of these.
August 3, 2007 @02:33pm

I've played on a few Yamaha boards and they did seem to feel the best.
Is S08 also a controller, ie, has midi controls such as velocity sensative?
I was thinking of getting an CME 88 key weighted. I have a m-audio keystation 88. it's fine for synths,
but when i use Ivory (my virtual piano), i really want the piano action feel.
August 3, 2007 @03:58pm

The CME feels better to me then the M-audio, but i still think the Yammy has a slightly better feel, at least for me. It can act as a controller, I am not sure if it has aftertouch and all that, might have to look into it. But for the most important and basic stuff such as feel if that is what you are going for, I woudn't count it out. Most of my midi editing such as expression, velocity etc, I edit later if I didn't get it right. If I have modulation, pitch, and a good feel, then that is most important. If you have a keystation, then you already have sliders and what not you can still incoporate.
Go check out the CME, they just released a newer, more expensive one that is full of bells and whistles. just make sure you like the action.
August 3, 2007 @04:34pm