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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Mixshow DJ Needs Recording Equipment advice


I am looking for a complete mobile recording setup for recording a national mixshow.
I have a strong background in live sound and have been a dj for about 15 years. up until now we have been using the local radio stations equipment to do the production. We need to record and edit the mix and record vocals from 2 or 3 mics. right now we pre record everything but will have the need of recording all of it live and editing later.
Right now I am using A rane TTM57SL and serato to record the mix using seratos record function and editing it with adobe audition.
My current equipment used for the show includes
4 technics 1200
2 DVJ-X1
1 pioneer 909
1 Serato SL1 box
1 Rane TTm57SL
2 Dell C820 Laptops 2.4 GHZ P4 1 GB Ram
2 Shuttle PCs with 3.4 GHZ P4 1 GB Ram
Adobe Audition
So far i only use the 1200s and the rane mixer and dell laptop for the show
The setup im looking at is
1 Motu Travelar
2 EV RE20 mics and hardware
2 DBX 286A mic processors
and some kind of mixing board and monitors.
I want to get into doing some pro remixing as well.
recording using serato seems to sound bad, im not sure if its the mp3s or the recording. we were going to try to rip everything in wav format and see if it helps.
Any advice would help!
August 2, 2007 @05:21am