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Whats better Epiphone or Prs(SE) Guitars


I recently got a Epiphone Les paul standard but one of my strap holder broke off the guitar and i want to know whats better Epiphone or Prs(SE)Guitars
August 18, 2002 @10:13am

This is a question without a definitive answer. The guitar that is right for you depends on your playing style, the sound you're after, which guitar gods you pay homage to, etc... This is the type of thing that is best discussed one-on-one with somebody who understands your needs and goals and who has significant experience with both lines of guitars (ie a Sweetwater sales engineer). The best you can hope for in an open forum like this is well-intentioned opinions from folks who own one guitar or the other.
August 20, 2002 @03:25pm

I own both but they are two different types of instruments. My Epiphone is an old, flat-top "Texan" model and one that is regretably developing enough problems that I need to evaluate whether or not it is worth taking to a luthier for repairs. To me, the value of this "vintage" instrument (as best I can tell it was built in 1957) is enough that even though you do not hear of "vintage" Epiphones very often, it's playability and tonal qualities may warrant the money it costs to have it rebuilt. I suspect this is the exception for Epiphones. Newly manufactured amything, PRS SE, Epiphone, Fender, Guild, Martin, ANYTHING must pass the test of time before one can assign any true value to the instrument.
As Jeff said, "depends on your playing style, the sound you're after, which guitar gods you pay homage to, etc..." and this is especially true for newly built instruments. But you can USUALLY rely on the top brand names. Gibson, Fender, all that you are familiar with are good bets. The one thing I insist on anymore is playing the instrument I buy before I buy it. I am not saying anything against Sweetwater, I have bought a fair bit of equipment from them and I boughJt my PRS from them but I DID go to their showroom and played the PRS before I bought it. The truth is I bought a Brian Moore and when I looked at it I had the opportunity to play the PRS, it impressed me so much that I couldn't get it out of my head and so I went back a week later and bought it.
My suggestion is try BEFORE you buy. Good luck flavor.
August 21, 2002 @04:22pm