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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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DTP and DA78


I have been struggling ever since I switched from DA88 to DA78. MOTU TS is not much of a help so far. They said they even don't have DA78 in house to check my claim. I hope Sweetwater has;)
DTP needs EPROM 7.2.5 beta in order to be able to talk with DA78. As long as I am putting DP as the MMC master, I can crash DP 100% when DA78 is following DP and when I touch any actively moving window such as Mixingboard or SE window which is placed on my second monitor. If they are on the primary monitor, I get digital burst which get printed.
MOTU TS blames on second video card, but then why I can't reproduce the crash if DA78 is the MMC master, and no digital noise when taking out DTP? Hmmm.
Anyway, my question, if anyone could help me out since this is the 5th place I am posting this question including Tascam forum to no avail, is that how do I put DA78 as the clock slave while it is MMC master? I need to keep DTP is the clock master since it is feeding other digital devices via light-pipe and S/PDIF. No matter what I have tried, I am getting clock error at DA78.
August 16, 2002 @05:57am