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MOTU MX XT vs Yamaha EX5R


I'm having a bit of a curly one at the moment. I recently purchased a parallel MOTU Midi Express XT to expand my midi setup from one port to eight. It is attached to a 1.2Ghz AMD with 512MB RAM running Logic Audio Silver 3.5.
Attached to the MX XT are a Yamaha EX5R, Kurzweil PX1000, Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha DMP11, Akai S950 and an Alesis Midiverb 2 and a Roland D10 temporarily acting as ( don't laugh) master keyboard.
My problem is the EX5R does not receive midi data while attached directly into the MX XT (everything else works). I have swapped to known working ports, used known working cables and nothing works.
However, when I connect the EX5R to the through port PX1000 I can see data and everything works....
Any ideas?
August 15, 2002 @12:17am

Well, a long time ago when I upgraded from Win95 to Win98, my Express XT was behaving strangely. It was not properly sending out certain messages to certain modules. There was some sort of communication error. Do you know how to get into your BIOS?
August 16, 2002 @01:52pm

The Parallel port is set to EPP v1.5 (I had a choice between 1.5 and 1.7 - I had some issues on 1.7). What else in the BIOS would you like me to look at...
August 18, 2002 @11:14pm