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Mackie Announces New Recorder!!!


Check this new press release out, guys. This has got to stir SOME people up!
Mackie Designs Announces the first Non-Linear, Non-Destructive 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder for under $2000.00
August 7th, 2001: Woodinville, WA - Mackie Designs Inc. (NASDAQ: MKIE) announced today a new 24-bit/24-track non-linear hard disk recorder with a U.S. price of just $1999.00 (introductory MAPP). Available in September of 2001, the new low-priced MDR24/96 makes Mackie's phenomenal hard disk recording technology available to a much broader audience.
"We are very excited about the MDR24/96," stated Scott Garside, Recording Products Market Manager at Mackie Designs. "It compliments our existing product line very well and provides a perfect recorder alternative for users who don't require the advanced graphical editing capabilities of the HDR24/96, but would still like to experience the benefits of Mackie's hard disk recording technology. The MDR24/96 is truly "plug and play" for people more interested in music than manuals."
Fully compatible with Mackie's HDR24/96, the new MDR24/96 includes an internal 20 gigabyte Ultra-DMA hard disk that delivers over 100 minutes of 24-track recording at 48kHz and a built-in drive bay for Mackie Media M-90 recording drives and Mackie Media Project backup drives.
The MDR24/96 ships with 3, 24-bit, 48kHz analog I/O cards as standard. Optional digital I/O cards are available. Sync and clock capabilities include MIDI MMC and MTC, SMPTE, video blackburst and Word Clock. A standard 100BaseT Ethernet port for connection to PC's and networks is also included.
The MDR24/96 is also fully compatible with Mackie's new Remote 48 Pro remote control ($1499.00 MSRP; available Fall, 2001). With the Remote 48 Pro, users can operate two hard disk recorders from a single control surface-allowing an MDR24/96 and HDR24/96 to function seamlessly as a full 48-track digital recording system with advanced editing capabilities for under $7000.00!
The MDR24/96 benefits from true non-linear recording-providing far more recording time per gigabyte. Non-destructive recording capabilities allow users to record multiple versions of a track or track segment without destroying the original. All edits are non-destructive as well and the MDR24/96 allows for up to 999 Undo's. During playback, the recorder recombines the non-linear segments into a seamless soundstream.
Features include:
* 24 Tracks - 192 Virtual Tracks - for up to 100 minutes of continuous recording
* Built-in 20Gb internal disk plus pullout bay for extra Mackie Media (tm) removable hard drives
* 100 BaseT Ethernet port built-in
* 3.5 inch drive bay for importing tempo maps and software upgrades
* 24 channel of Analog I/O standard
* Optional Digital I/O cards
* Full Meter Bridge
* Non-destructive cut, copy and paste editing (with free upgrade)
* 999 Un-Do's
* Sync to SMPTE, MIDI, and Word Clock & Video blackburst
* Optional remotes available
The MDR24/96 will be shipping in early September, 2001. The MDR24/96 will also be on display at the 111th annual AES Convention in New York from September 21st - 24th, 2001. Mackie will be located in booth #1110.
August 8, 2001 @01:43pm

anyone know what the onboard mix capabilities are?
August 8, 2001 @02:36pm

Like the HDR24/96, it's not designed to be a mixer. It is a 24 channel hard disk recorder that is designed to integrate with any mixer, including, but not exclusive to the Mackie analog and digital mixers.
Think of it like 3 Adats or DA88's, or think of it like a 2" machine. It's 24 tracks of recording and editing.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
August 8, 2001 @02:41pm

i do realize it's not a mixer
but would it not perform similarly to a DAW
ie, ability to track and mix via a mouse and VGA monitor?
correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the HDR24 have editing functions, and ability to mix internally without the need of a console?
... I do really mean "correct me if I'm wrong". I haven't had the opportunity to use the HDR24, but what I've seen on floor models led me to believe it could be done
August 8, 2001 @02:47pm

First, I should say that the HDR and the MDR are going to be identical in this way, so whatever the HDR can do the MDR can do.
Now, there may be a crude way to mix inside the HDR by somehow routing signals to one set of outputs or something, but I can't think of exactly how this would be accomplished. If it COULD be done it would be a pretty klugy way of mixing.
On the Tascam MX2424 there is a summing output that you may be thinking of? In some respects you can "sort of" mix on the Tascam, but it, too, is expecting to have a mixer to actually accomplish a mix.
On the HDR, the VGA is strictly for editing your tracks, and not does not really do mixing. It is for looking at waveforms and cutting/pasting. These boxes are not traditional DAW's that you may be accustomed to in this regard. They are still designed on the more "analog" paradigm of a mixer and a recorder. In this case, however, the recorder is also a great editor, and gives you a graphical view of it. I would say that the Roland VS products and computer based systems are more akin to what you are speaking of. The HDR, MDR, MX2424, and Alesis HD24 are all examples or recorders, but are not mixers, and are really dependant upon you having one.
Does this help?
August 8, 2001 @03:00pm

yup, that's all I needed to know, thanks
August 8, 2001 @03:02pm

The first thing I'll record on my Mackie MD-24 is a dirge of Viking funeral music... for Alesis.
August 15, 2001 @07:49pm

Believe it or not, Mackie is already shipping the MDR. I got mine yesterday! They are going to ramp up production very quickly in the next week or two.
It is absolutely beautiful.
August 18, 2001 @01:52pm

how much is the digital I/O?
how does the analog I/O compare to the Alesis (which got good reviews on the EQ board)
Ultimately a unit like this would be most valuable to me as a analog to digital I/O unit for my DAW and i could pick it up and take it for location recording etc...
I assume punch in/out's are smooth and seamless?
And this is non-destructive recording unlike the Alesis correct?
August 20, 2001 @08:40pm

Hey KurganQ2! It's nice to see some folks from the Nuendo forum here.
Overall, the MDR looks like an unbelievable deal. I currently use a Tascam DA-78HR to record drums, live stuff, etc., in another part of the house and I have been very limited with only 8 tracks. Considering that I paid over $2K for the Tascam, I'm selling it on Digibid.com and buying an MDR! 24 Tracks to hard disk, analog I/O and Ethernet make this a perfect extension of my Nuendo system. I may even get a combination 100BASE-T/Wireless ethernet hub and transfer tracks from the MDR in the basement to my Nuendo system upstairs with wireless networking.
August 25, 2001 @04:24am