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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Ideal Metal/Rock Setup


I'm new to this forum so I'll just say hello to everyone here and you sound like you know your stuff pretty well. I'm a beginning guitarist but have a little money to spend and would rather not want to change the equipment I invest my money in in a year or two. So, here comes the question : I have an Ibanez Jem 77. But I need a great amp and effects rack unit or floor unit. My direction is Steve Vai-ish... but I want to be able to get that deep dark crunchy over-driven sound, too. My ideas are : Marshall combo putting out around 100 watts, 2 X 12... linked up to an Eventide Eclipse. Alternatively... a Line 6 AX2 linked with a Roland BOSS GT-5 or GT-6. I want versatility and a killer sound on stage as well as something I can use at home. I would appreciate any opinions.
August 4, 2001 @11:15am

A buddy of mine had a carvin stack that had killer distortion. It worked great for a heavy sounding guitar live and in the studio. Otherwise, I think a roland jc-120 with the boss amp modelers or one of the line 6 amp modelers would be a diverse set up.
rock on
August 4, 2001 @01:49pm
R Whittington

Hi Dejadude,
If you're leaning towards a "Vai-type" fx processor...I think the Eclipse is a fine choice. I have a DSP4000, and it's very hard to resist playing various scales and runs with a multi-part harmony preset. Vai's Attitude Song..was the first time I'd heard that type of effect. (anybody else get the 45 rpm insert from Guitar Player magazine?) Even outside of "harmonizing" presets.. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised by the quality of the reverbs in Eventide units. Back to the harmonizer stuff...anybody see the G3 live in concert DVD? Steve has another guitarist touring with him that plays all of the dominant harmonies live. Apologies to this fantastic player...his name escapes me.
August 4, 2001 @05:19pm

Hey... I appreciate your views, considerations and comments. I know it is probably overkill for a guitar rig alone... but combined with a bass, keyboards, vocals and violin, I think this would give us just about anything we could possibly want or need to create our sound : the Eventide Orville Harmonizer.
I have looked into the VHT Ultra Lead 120 watt Pitbull with a 4 X 12 and feel pretty impressed. I believe this is the route I will be taking. Any further comments would be appreciated. Otherwise... thanks for the feedback. Always nice to have a little feedback to work with.
Oh Richard... were you referring to John Petrucci as the other player touring on the G3 Tour... or possibly Eric Sardinas is doing the European leg of the tour?
August 11, 2001 @02:35pm
R Whittington

No..this guy actually performs in Steve's band... plays mostly keys, sitar and rhythm gtr. But then he does the harmony parts in "attitude"... it's awesome. His name is Mike Keneally. Talk about a 1/2 punch. The DVD is called "G3 live in Concert". It's a must see for guitar overkill afficianados. Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson turn in great performances as well. Stu Hamm isn't bad on bass either;)
August 11, 2001 @04:16pm

The guy in Vai's band is Mike Keneley. I am not sure i spelled his name right, but he was also in Zappa's band. He did stuff on the last G3 tour, but I heard that John P. from Dream theather was on the bill this time around.
August 22, 2001 @12:10am

good choice w/ the VHT. I would have suggested the 5150 II with a BBE sonic maximizer in the FX loop. Glad to see you reconsidered wasting money on a combo if you plan to rock metal.
May 25, 2002 @06:44pm