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Master Tracks Pro Sequencer


Is there anyone out there still using Master Tracks Pro software program? I know that it is obsolete software but I just like using it. I am having a few problems and I am looking for help.
July 14, 2002 @01:59am

I still use MTP 4. In fact I would like to have the new upgrade. I received an email from them a few months ago offering me a good deal on the new version. I responded to the email telling them that I would like to take advantage of their offer. However, that was it. I never heard from them again.
I find MTP 4 as user friendly as any midi sequencer I've ever tried. This is especially true since I bought Craaig Anderton's book "Power Sequencing with Master Tracks Pro/Pro 4" I like to get my midi tracks the way I want them, then transfer them into whatever program I'm going to use to add the audio tracks.
August 1, 2002 @05:50pm

I am using MTpro with my HS music technology class.
I've tried different ways to sync my oxygen25 controller
keyboard w/ the program. I get MTpro to recognize it but
when I go to enter sounds using Oxy25 I do not hear anything
(as I playin) but it does record and I can hear the chosen sounds
after entering them. I would like to hear the sounds (in realtime) as I enter them
from Oxy25
January 18, 2012 @03:23pm