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Antares autotune 5 and Cubase 4


I have a problem with Cubase 4 recognizing antares auto tune 5.
Steinberg said to go in the applications file and remove the black list
folder and it should then work. Which I did and the black list folder keeps on coming back and won't recognize Auto tune. Auto tune is authorized.
How do I get this to import properly?:
June 2, 2007 @06:57pm
Buddha Studio

I have had some troubles getting Auto-tune to appear and operate properly in Cubase 4 but, I believe most of the troubles were due to the crippling bug that was introduced in the offline effects processing mode of the cubase 4.02 release.
Getting the 4.03 hotfix solved a world of plug-in processing agony for my Steingberg, IK Multimedia and Antares plug-ins. I am still surprised Steinberg botched the 4.02 release so badly. If getting the hotfix doesn't help solve the trouble for you and your plug-in is still showing on the Cubase blacklist, you may be missing some Microsoft rutime library files. Antares recomends doing a fresh install since the Steinberg wrapping can sometimes cause troubles with third-party VST plug-ins.
Here's the fresh install Antares Technical Support recommends in their online Knowledgebase:
For Mac:
For PC:
August 10, 2007 @07:58pm
Doc Roc

I have been looking through thread after thread after thread of people having the same problem. For 11 hrs! But none of them ever came to a solution that worked!!! This is the answer! I guess now its my duty to spread the knowledge. THANK YOU!!! I'm so fricken relieved!
January 16, 2008 @06:44am