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828MkII; broken or software problem?


Hi everybody I have a problem with my Motu 828 MkII and I was hoping anybody can help me with this?
My setup:
PC, core2dual 2,16, 2Gb ram
Motu 828MkII ( Bought it used and don't have the manual...:( )
Cubase SX3
I am recording my songs with this setup for 4 months now and it has worked perfectly all this time. But now there seems to be be something really wrong with it and I have run out of ideas trying to fix this.
I tried to record some MIDI tracks into an audio track to free up some processor capacity. But when I tried to select the main mix as an input all my Motu inserts had disappeared. Except for the mic 1 insert (1+2). After I checked the settings I found that somehow Cubase had set the ASIO driver back to it's default. All by itself..? OK, I then switched it back to the Motu asio driver and all the Motu inputs and outputs where back. At first I was happy and thought I could continue what I was doing. But when I tried to record the MIDI track into audio I found that somehow a strange signal was coming through instead of the sounds I tried to record... :( I then enlarged the recorded track and it showed that instead of a nice sound diagram there was a big black block registered as the recorded sound...?? But when I tried to play it to check what it was, it was totaly silent? Whatever I did making a mono or a stereo input nothing helped.
I was wondering if someone else has had a simular problem? Or maybe you guys know some standart things that can be done when these Motu devices malfunction? And is there maybe an easy way of checking so that I know for sure my 828MkII is broken or not? It does play all the regular sounds through it's main outs though...
Please help :)
April 20, 2007 @08:57am