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format for mastering


I've had DP3 for about 9 months and am finally getting my mind around it. It has been fun, but often frustrating. We are planning a demo project and are already looking ahead to the mastering stage. My setup is DP 3.2, G4 733 (OS 9.2.1.), via the 828.
My questions are:
What is the best (i.e. greatest retention of data, sound quality, detail, etc.) format to deliver to the mastering house to afford the engineer the most flexibility.
My thoughts are to burn the final mixes as data files (AIFF or WAV) and deliver them on a CD-r . . . but I am very inexperienced. Please help!
Would that yield a better (see above for criteria for "better")results than giving him a CD-r of the music itself at 16/44.1?
Another option would be to take my computer in and fly the mixes from the 828's lightpipes into their system at 24/48 and them do the rest?
That seems like it would work.
Any thoughts?
The other issue is, I don't have any software (I don't think iTunes does it) to burn data files, can anyone recommend some?
Thanks for your help,
June 21, 2002 @01:56pm

i think the easiest and best bet would be to burn a data cd with aiff or wav files at 24 bit 48khz. let the mastering house do the resampling and bit depth conversion as they probably have (or should have) top notch equipment anyway. i think pretty much any mastering studio worth sending your stuff to would be able to accept or would actually prefer these formats. decide where you want to send it, and find out what they prefer.
June 21, 2002 @03:30pm

You can attempt your own mastering with DP3.
Eitherway, you can export your bounced tracks to AIFF. Import the AIFF into iTunes and burn your CD from iTunes. The other option is Toast Titanium.
Let me know if you need any more help, as this might be too late.
October 8, 2002 @02:20am

Talk to the mastering house. Many of them have different preferences and you can really help or hinder the process by what you give them.
Your G4 should have an application on it called Disc Burner that will burn data CDR disks. You can also pick up a copy of Toast, which is a great little program for burning many different types of discs.
October 9, 2002 @04:56pm