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Komplete 3 --> Komplete 4 Upgrade Installation Issues


Hi Scott,
Thanks for this great opportunity to seek out advice and do some networking. Sweetwater is simply outstanding! I am searching for some advice on installing my Komplete 4 upgrade (from K3). I have written to NI about installation of K4 with K3 already installed. Do I uninstall K3 before installing K4? Do I not? Is there anything I ought to do? Their answer was simply go ahead and install K4 and said nothing about K3 already being installed. I have seen many threads from frustrated users due to problems with registration/activation of the K4 upgrade for different reasons. No of them seems certain as to what causes the problems and they seem to get little assistance from NI. My K3 has worked beautifully since installing it, and I'd hate to throw a wrench into my work with a bad install of K4. Can you offer any advice? Can anyone out there offer any advice or suggestions? I'll appreciate whatever sound suggestions I can get. If all else fails, I supposed I'll do as NI suggested. Thank you very much, Jose.
March 12, 2007 @02:20pm

I know my tech team has encountered this question many times. If this is something you purchased from Sweetwater I highly encourage you to give them a ring @ 1-800-222-4700 x6400...
There is one online reference and several variations of problems noted.... I'd say go for it, it won't be impossible to fix once you install and find problems. Should be fairly simple. But do the first thing above if you purchased it from Sweetwater. Rock on!
Article # 30965 Date: 01/02/2007
I'm having difficulty getting my Native Instruments product to authorize using the "NI Registration Tool. "
A newer application is now used to authorize Native Instruments software. Be sure to download the "NI Service Center" to register and authorize. You can find this at http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=servicecenter_us&lcd=1
While at native-instruments.com, it is also advisable that you look for any updates for your software.
March 12, 2007 @02:25pm

You don't need to uninstall Komplete 3 in order to upgrade to Komplete 4. Just install the software from the DVD, look for the upgrades using the NI Service Center and then register your software using the Product Registration option from the NI Service Center Software. That's all.
If you have problem getting the softwre registered. Disconnect your computer from the internet and launch the NI Service Center software, it'll try to log in to NI Registeration but due to lack of internet connection will display the option to export the registration file in a HTML format. DO NOT open this file. Reconnect the internet connection, email this file to NI registration support and they'll email you new codes based on your original system id and serial number from your exported registration HTML file.
Once the new codes are received from NI, relaunch the NI Service Center and enter these codes and register, You should be good to go.
I hope that this helps!
March 19, 2007 @03:55am