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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Triton upgrades


yo, Just got myself the Triton Pro x this weekend and notice that its got upgradeable ROm and RAM. Does Sweetwater sell these? Can these be any kind of SIMM or do they have to be special? Let me know cause i'd like to buy, thanks! :)
August 3, 2001 @03:16am

Sweetwater sells all the options for the Korg Triton. The RAM is pretty standard 72 pin simms which we sell as well. Hope to hear from you and congratulations on your purchase of the Triton!!
August 4, 2001 @06:16pm

i am like an extreme newbie, so could you maybe link me directly to the RAM and some of these add-ons :)
August 5, 2001 @06:50am

Give me a call or shoot me an email at bob_mondok@sweetwater.com and I'd be glad to send you a link, discuss the options further and get you pricing, etc.
Hope to hear from you soon!!
August 6, 2001 @11:34pm