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amp for yamaha ns10's


I've just bought a nice pair of (passive)Yamaha NS10M monitors to somehow hook up to my iMac G5. I'm running DP 4.52, at this point doing midi recording only; I have a MOTU 828 firewire audio interface, with headphones plugged into that until now.
How powerful an amp in terms of wattage will be needed? Any particular makes/models particularly NS10-compatible? And what kind of cables to connect the old technology with the new? Anything else I should know to take good care of the NS10's within my set-up?
Any suggestions are much appreciated- even basic tech considerations can make my head swim. Thanks!
January 2, 2007 @09:41am
The Bionic Board

Well you can go cheap and just find a power amp some place- it's not a big deal. Maybe an Alesis RA100 for cheap, but there are better amps. I would not go too much bigger than 50 watts a side- you will know when you are pushing your speakers too hard as they will start breaking up soundwise/distorting.
You just need speaker cable, you can use lamp cord or high buck speaker cables- whatever. You will probably need to buy something with a banana clip on one end although I have not hooked up NS10's in a long time.
Again, no big deal. For cords from the 828 into the amp, you don't have to use balanced or low impedance lines, but I like to.
I love my vintage 240 McIntosh amp. It's a tube amp circa 1969. Sounds great and is cool. Those things are anywhere from 750 to 1000 bucks and don't seem to lose their value.
January 2, 2007 @11:52am

Here are some generally-accepted good amps to pair with NS10s (in order of revelance)
- Hafler P3000
- Bryston 4b
- Crown d50 (or d75 etc) <-- old model
Just get some balanced 1/4" cables to run from your 828 into the inputs of the amp. Then some good quality speaker wire (etc) to hook it all up.
I have the P3000 and the Crown D50 to use with my NS10s and both amps sound great. The Crown has a little lighter high end, which sometimes seems to balance out the brightness of the 10's, but nothing beats a Hafler if you can get your hands on one.
January 2, 2007 @05:50pm

I tried a Hafler P3000 & thought it was a bit too bright. IMHO Hands down the best matched most natural sounding amp combined with the NS-10m's is the Bryston 4B. Still used in many more World class studios than the Hafler (from what I've seen) It is very easy on your ears (as much as can be thought possible considering we're talking about NS-10m's) with very tight & punchy low end...It drives them pefrctly with 250w. But you either gotta fuse your speakers or have extra woofers around cause you can blow them using the Bryston. Even an older 4B will take out most of the competition today-If you don't have the bucks for the Bryston, I'd say the ART SLA-1 would be a solid choice on a budget. It sounds better than most of the lower priced amps and is 1U-
January 13, 2007 @10:26am