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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Geetar questions pllss help :)


Hi all I just started playing geetar and I have afew questions,if ya can answer them that would ohh so kewl.
First of all how do u play and open e where all the numbers are listed under each other ?
Second anyone know a fairly easy song to start off playing.
And third I been learning man who sold the world and the intro is fine got that easy but then the chorus doesnt sound right when I listen to the cd and when I play it like it is on the tabs page on this site.
Also is a waaah ped used in the outro part of man who sold the world?
Thanx alot to anyone who takes the time to read or answer this :)
May 3, 2002 @02:38am
R Whittington

I'm not 100% sure about you're problem with the Echord tablature. But if the problem you're having is the numbers are stacked on one another..that's to show you all the notes are played at once...as opposed to see ing the numbers spaced out..that's more of a single note melody or a lead guitar solo.
would be the open E chord...(the 0 are open strings) I'd also reccomend a book that explains "Barre" chords and the different positions as they're played all over the neck..the reason the particular song doesn't sound correct may be due to a difference in chord inversion, or placement...I'm not familiar with that particular song, but maybe another reader can help us out?...
May 3, 2002 @02:59pm