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MPC4000 any impressions?


Just curious about the mpc4000. Has anyone used it? Are there any known bugs and what are they? How does it compare to its older family members(pos. and neg.)? Thanks for any and all help. :)
April 30, 2002 @05:43am

I'd be interested to hear as well...we've have a few come in here, but they've shipped out so quick we haven't had a chance to put them through their paces ourselves. I haven't had any customers not be happy with them, which I take as a good sign, but unfortunately I have no first-hand experience yet...
June 11, 2002 @07:37pm

the MPC 4000 is an incredible machine, i picked one up in april-may and just recently (2 days ago) intergrated it into my set up..yeah it took 7 months of fiddling with it, and getting the os updates but im confident it is ...and I am... ready to have it be the brain of my set up. the best thing is the effortless computer hook up (usb) the native wav format is a spectactular idea, as it is easy to convert any file type to a wav or at least a aiff that can be easily made into a wav..so downloading sounds offline is a snap and placing them into the machine is easy and painless, I ALWAYS sample my drums from old records (never stock) but weird percussion, and sfx are all over the net . the only things that stopped me from hooking it up sooner were the problems loading up mpc2000 .all and .aps files and th parameters loading correctly, it was not loading correct, and as a working producer it was not something i had time to learn to fix, learning my way around this new machine was gonna be enough (i thought) but it turned out to be quite simple the curve was a short one. also the cdr not being implemented was and is a problem for me as that is one ogf the main reasons i picked it up . archiving monthly is extremely important to me, so i await that . otherwise wow..all the (quote end quote)real cool midi and egghead stuff is left for someone else..sorry. but i can turn it on 1 day after finally really looking at the layout (without sleeping with a manual) GET TO WORK....that is a beautiful thing. i absolutely adore the 2000 and 2000xl but the 4000 is BY FAR a superior machine. and when you get into it, it can make you a better producer by expanding what you might think your limitations are in respect to programming and sound design. im even FINALLY setting up to run my whole system through digital Performer..midi and all (currently i only use it for audio,)
December 26, 2002 @02:26am

Hey trampbaby,
I'm trying to decide if I should go with the MPC 3000 & Z8 setup, by using the MPC for drums & sequencing and have the Z8 as the sampler to map sounds across the keyboard and not be limited to just playing the pads or settle for the 4000 for everything, including using the pads for mapping sampled sounds?
I'm not sure if you could map the keyboard using the 4000 or not... Do you know off-hand if you're limited with just the pads or could you assign sampled sounds to a keyboard like the Z8?
February 16, 2003 @05:12pm