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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

Sweetwater's service.....

jamie garner

ok, so i'm amazed...
i just recieved an at4041. it was severely defective- only outputting a loud hiss with a very distorted signal coming thru. of course i tried a different mic cable, tried a different mic in the same channel, put the 4041 thru a different mixer- bad mic!
instead of getting an RMA#, eric in tech support is sending a replacement tonight, with an airbill for the return packed inside! saturday delivery! i get to hand over the old one and get the new one without leaving the house!! WOW!!
don't try that at guitar center, zzounds, musicians 'friend' ect....
i don't have the patience to recount the musician's 'friend' horror story that sent me to sweetwater in the first place, but suffice to say they have the WORST after-sale service around. plus, half their stuff is out of stock, even tho the web and the phone tech says it's there! you don't find out 'til the fed ex guy shows up with a mic cable instead of a mic cable AND the presonus digimax you HAD TO HAVE that day! only after calling and talking to three people did i find out 'not in stock'. this was AFTER the package had been 'LOST' in their warehouse for TWO DAYS (i'd ordered overnight shipment)...jeez, no apology, no rush order status, nothing. just an explanation that the order center is in salt lake, the office in oregon, and the warehouse is in ks. city! the 'supervisor' wouldn't even call the warehouse to see what was up, saying "what difference does it make? if it's lost, it's lost!"
well, i guess i DID have the patience to recount the story! lucky for my blood pressure sweetwater's service has put me in a state of bliss.... it used to be i couldn't tell the story w/o getting all riled up again!
if i had any doubts about being a sweetwater customer for life (i didn't), this cements my loyalty!
April 26, 2002 @07:10pm

Yes, indeed, Sweetwater does rock. (Of course, I'd better say something nice on their BBS! but seriously, they do.)
After dealing with the numbskulls at a center that sells guitars, Samuel Ash, and a place that's supposed to be my friend as a musician, I called Sweetwater.
Imagine a place where you are treated with respect, given all the time you need, not pushed into the sale, and where actual pro-level gear is both available and in stock, and where the sales staff is trained beyond extolling the virtues of Behringer and knows more than just how to play every Van Halen guitar lick in the book. And they're actually friendly and pleasant!
Which is why I do most of my shopping here now.
April 26, 2002 @08:00pm

I want to concur with the previous two posts. Sweetwater support and service has been excellent. I've been working with them almost exclusively for good reason. Even with three different personal Sales Engineers and several Technical Support contacts for questions or gear issues over the years, the attention to personal satisfaction and timely response has been consistently superb. I continue to recommend Sweetwater to colleagues and clients.
April 30, 2002 @03:31am

Hey guys, glad to hear you're happy customers of Sweetwater!! :-) We do our best but hey, we're human at times (really, we are) and there WILL be times we mess up. But the real deal about Sweetwater is when we do, we'll do EVEYRTHING we can to make it right. :-) I was a client of Sweetwater many years ago, never knowing I would one day end up at Sweetwater helping others around the world realize their equipment needs...... I love it here and we love what we do, I hope that shows! :-)
May 1, 2002 @02:42am