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Going from 6 string to 7 string


Hi there, Im thinking of buying an Ibanez 7 string, Ive tried one out in the shop but found it a bit awkward, Although I still want one, is it easy to get the hang of and progress to a 7 string? Ive been playing for years.
Can anyone comment? Cheers C ya!
April 25, 2002 @10:21pm

I recently went from and Ibanez 6 to an Ernie Ball 7 string. I love it. It takes around a month to adapt but then you won't want to go back. Even if you don't use it all that much, you'll quickly get used to the low B being there.
And if I may, if you've got the money (closing in on $2000, a little less without the piezzo and matching headstock) I would suggest the ErnieBall MusicMan John Petrucci signature 7-string. An awesome instrument. I took off a semester at school to work and save money. It was well worth it. It plays much better than any other 7 I've laid my hands on, including Ibanez.
April 27, 2002 @01:13am

Ahhh. Another Petrucci fan. I'm a Big fan as well. However, if the seven string feels a little awkward, might I suggest the drop-six flavor? I have small hands, but love low tunings. The Yamaha RGX is an awesome drop-six.
April 29, 2002 @03:52pm