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neve 9098 into digi001

jamie garner

so my 9098 showed up today (thanks zak!) and i must admit i'm a little embarrased- it never occured to me there wouldn't be 1/4" outs on it! will my hi-z to lo-z transformers allow me to connect to the digi001 breakout box without screwing up the sound?
anybody had any experience with this?
April 24, 2002 @09:11pm

DOH!! How could we send something out to you without sending you the appropriate cables (shame on us!).... If memory serves me correctly, this is ONLY XLR female output (I don't have it in front of me). You would simply need XLR Female to TRS Male cable.... Please call us tomorrow and we'll confirm this.
May 1, 2002 @02:49am
jamie garner

actually i already ordered and recieved a pair of monster® balanced 1/4" to xlr cables. however, the real problem turns out to be one of keeping the 9098's quality in the chain, and the 001's a/d converters don't do it (or the tlm193's feeding it) justice.
apogee® rosetta to the rescue!- expensive, but seems to be worth it.... the a/d converters are considerably better, to say the *least*.
so, i guess i answered my own question?!?
psst...anybody wanna buy a pair of monster® balanced 1/4" to xlr cables??
May 1, 2002 @03:47am

Yes, the Rosetta will do wonders not only because of the better A/D, but also by implementing its own master clock.
May 1, 2002 @03:54am