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Mastering in Acid or Soundforge?


I'm recording with Acid Pro and also own Sound Forge 8 and recently purchased the Wave Masters bundle for mastering my mixes. This is what I'm wondering.
Do I insert the mastering plug-ins in the master buss in Acid, make my adjustments and then render the song to stereo?
Or... Do I render the mix to stereo in acid, drop it into Sound Forge and add the plugins and master in Sound Forge?
I would rather master in Sound Forge because that would more easily allow me to re-master the same mix as my skills improve. When I tried to master in Sound Forge the Render or Render as was greyed out so I could not re-render the mix with the plug-ins applied. What am I missing?
If anyone has suggestions as to proper steps for mastering in Acid/ Sound Forge I would greatly appreciate it. Thanx
December 10, 2006 @09:26pm

I would mix down to stereo without any mastering effects and no compression. Then import that into your software and do your mastering. That way you will have a stereo track of the song with nothing added in case you ever want to make changes to it and remaster it. Plus, you will be able to get it mastered somewhere else if you ever wanted to. Make sure you leave some headroom on your mixdown for the level boost during mastering.
December 11, 2006 @01:06am