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ReWire 2 system problem for reasons 2.5 HELP!! HELP!!! HELP!!!!!!


I removed reasons 2.5 from my computer to free up some space on my hard drive because I was not using it at the moment. A few months later when I re-installed it, it installed fine until I tried to open the the application itself and it said quote, "Cannot open ReWire 2 system" and disable me from using the application. Any help is appreciated.
December 8, 2006 @07:57pm

Mac or PC?
Possible Suggestions:
Article # 30732 Date: 08/21/2006
When I try to launch Reason Adapted for Digidesign I get an error message, "failed to launch and install Reason Engine, exiting."
In Mac OSX, delete and trash the folder "/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software" and the two files "/Library/Application Support/REX Shared Library" & "/Library/Application Support/ReWire"
The next time you start up your Reason Adapted, these files and folders will be recreated
Article # 25774 Date: 04/12/2003
Can't launch Reason or other Rewire2 system. I get the message, "Cannot open rewire 2 system. please make sure you have the right rewire version installed”
If You install other ReWire compatible applications after You have installed Reason, these applications might overwrite the Rewire extension (the Rewire.dll if You are on a PC) with an older version, or even install a duplicate of the Rewire.dll in a incorrect location on the hard drive. Do a system wide search for "Rewire" and delete each and every instance of the Rewire extension or Rewire.dll that appears in the search result. Then insert the Reason 2.x Program CD, start an installation and select the Custom Install and make sure that You do not attempt to install the Sound Banks. This re-installation will only restore any missing files - like the Rewire files that You just deleted - and reinstall these.
December 20, 2006 @02:10pm