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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

New recording engine


For years now I have been using a single 1/4" input to do all of my recording which means taking each track one at a time. I am looking to purchase a couple peices of equipment that would allow me to record at least 8 seperate channels and later edit them individually. I need extremely high quality a/d conversion. I have been strongly been considering the MOTU 192. But is 192khz really neccesary and would it slow my computer down? Any advice and info here would be great. Let me hear the opinions.
November 21, 2006 @05:03am

Well, what kind of budget are you talking.
For lower budget, the MOTU192, or even something simpler like a firewire interface (24i/o or 2408 or 828) would work fine. Those will go to 96k and sound just find.
But, if you have the budget, you could go the apogee route, or perhaps a full out protools system.
I would call the sweetwater sales engineers, they would definately be able to suggest something specific based on a particular budget.
November 21, 2006 @05:06pm