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Where can I get copy rights?


I wanted to know how to get copy rights on my music and lyrics. Plus if anyone could tell me how I can get my music on the radio and get paid I would appreciate it?
April 18, 2002 @04:40am

Thanks I'll try that.
April 23, 2002 @06:50pm

According to current copyright law (as of 1997, I think), a song is copyrighted as soon as you write it. When you put the (c) mark on it, it's yours. The question comes in proving that it's yours. If a dispute arises between you and someone else about who wrote the song, he who has proof wins. The US copyright office serves to provide this proof. Register your melody and lyrics with them, and they will offer legal proof that you own the song should you ever wind up in court.
If you don't require this, then there may not be a need to go through the formalities of copyrighting. Any song that is publicly released or gets radio airplay, though, should definitely have this legal backbone.
April 23, 2002 @11:57pm

So I would go to the "US Copyright office"? Where or how do I get a hold of that?
Another thing since we on this subject I made this one beat using "Magix Music Video Maker".The bass on it sounds like the keyboard on another song I heard on the radio before. I'm not quite sure if I could get in trouble? Now I ain't planning on selling it or claiming it just using it. That sounds funny but you know what I mean right? Anyways is there anything I could do to assure I don't get in trouble?
April 24, 2002 @06:57am