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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

Fender Fender Fender

R Whittington

Hello fellow six (and seven..I can be politically correct!) stringers. The hot topic around Sweetwater for the past few weeks has been the vast amount of Fender guitars, basses, amps and accessories that have been flooding our receiving docks. Let's get some posts talking about Fender instruments and Fender amps you presently own or wish to own soon and just chat about all things Fenderish.
I personally own 4 Fender instruments. a black '64 Strat still mostly original, a late 80's Paisley Tele re-issue, an early 90's JazzBass (mexican assembled and a fine instument) and yes I couldn't help it..a new 60's re-issue strat in Lake Placid Blue which was one of the first Fenders brought into our building. I've already recorded several tracks with it and it's a welcome addition to the family. On the amp side I have
both Blacface and Silverface bassman heads, a silverface Champ and a rare Super Champ..made only for a few years..but it's one of the best sounding overdrives I've ever heard in a practice size amp. I've personally been waiting for the planets to align for quite awhile so Fender could be here and I'm glad it's happened!
April 16, 2002 @09:53pm

The last Fender I owned was back in the late '70's - a Strat (3 bolt model). It was kind of a tree trunk to play, didn't stay in tune, etc. The black finish turned purple. Sold it in the early '80's.
I have to say I am BLOWN AWAY at the quality of the guitars we've received from the (new) Fender so far. The Strat Richard bought was gorgeous, and surprisingly cheap. Out of the box an open G-chord could be played at the third fret and at the 15th with each being about as perfectly in tune as you can get on a guitar.
I've been wanting a Jazz bass for a long time. May have to get that Geddy Lee model. One way or another I'm sure my collection is going to grow in the next couple of months!
April 19, 2002 @10:02pm