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A/D Conversion Question


I would like to eventually get a digital mixer and a high end a/d converter;I was looking at something like the Yamaha02R96 and the Apogee Rosetta. I got to thinking though, if I utilized the transfer of my signals from the digital cards/optical/etc to the a digital input of the apogee, would I lose out because the a/d conversion would have been done by the converters in the Yamaha-I would pretty much just be using the apogee as a interface then? Would I be better off getting a analog mixer so I can then utilize the high end converters on the apogee?
November 9, 2006 @10:38pm

If you're going to use a digital mixer with higher converters, here is how you want to have your basic signal chain:
Sound source>-->Mic>-->Mic Pre>-->Analog input of high end converters
Now that your signal is in the digital realm:
Digital outputs of high end converters>-->Digital inputs of mixer
You'll do your effects, dynamics, summing, etc... in the digital mixer itself, then:
Digital outputs of mixer>-->Digital input of high end converters>-->Analog output of high end converters
Within your converters you'll want to route the analog in>digital outs and then the digital in>analog outs.
November 10, 2006 @02:16am

Well said. One addition I would add is that you will need to set a master clock. I would choose the converter to also be the clock source. In other words, given that setup, clock the 02 to ADAT.
November 10, 2006 @04:40pm