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do I need a wordclock???????????????

The Bionic Board

I run the digital out (lightpipe) of the focusrite 428pre pack with digital card into the digital ins on my AdatHDXR and that's it.
I have not noticed digital jitter or popping- quite the contrary, but should I connect the two with a word clock cable (sorry I don't know what the hell these are called) and delineate a slave/ master relationship between the two machines for a mas primo sound???? Dahnke!
November 6, 2006 @11:46pm

Using the BNC wordclock ports for your clock signal IS a better and more reliable way to transmit clock than an optical cable. How much the results will be noticeable is questionable, but I've had more than one good take ruined by clock artifacts caused by the vagaries of optical lightpipe over the past 10 years.
November 7, 2006 @03:21am

Without knowing a bit more about your setup it's hard to say for sure. But just going from the pre into the recorder (assuming the pre is the clock master) it isn't necessary to have a separate word clock connection. Even though lightpipe can be jittery compared to other types of clock transmission, it won't matter in that case.
November 7, 2006 @12:43pm