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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Hi,everyone,I come from china


I want to know what you think of GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor.
You know, In China GT-6 is very popular.
Which style of Guitar Effects Processor do you mostly like to use?
Please tell me sth.
Thank you very much.
April 15, 2002 @01:12pm
R Whittington

Hi Undef,
The GT-6 is a very nice product. Great sounding effects as well as very affordable price. If you're starting from scratch...this would be a great choice. I personally use a variety of effects. I have a lot of old style Boss floor boxes, as well as some very nice rack gear..(Eventide DSP4000). I also use the POD a lot too...As well as a dinosaur called a Rockman. ••Rockman power tip•• If you have an original style Rockman...both effects (Chorus and Reverb/delay) can be defeated. The effects switch gives you the option of either Reverb/delay, Chorus, or both..but no way to defeat all effects. I accidentally caught the swithch in between one of the choices and all effects were defeated for a completely dry sound...which gives you much more vesatility in using a Rockman when you don't have to track with the built-in effects on.
April 15, 2002 @03:02pm

It's very kind of you.
I heard Gt6's distortion is not very good, isn't it?
I haven't seen Rockman before.
I search it on internet but no results.
April 16, 2002 @11:19am
R Whittington

Undef, I doubt you will see very many Rockman anymore. They were very popular in the early eighties, and are featured heavily on later releases from the rock group Boston. If you refine your net search to "Tom Scholz Rockman" you may have better results. As for the distortion in the GT-6..I guess it depends on what style of distortion you like....but it's pretty versatile.
April 16, 2002 @02:27pm