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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

Spam Epidemic


I've never seen so much spamming on these boards! Can the administrators do something to remove them?
November 5, 2006 @02:28pm

We recently had a technical problem which prevented anybody at Sweetwater from accessing the forums from inside our building (I know - embarassing). And since we are the ones who usually police the forums for spam, it sort of went unchecked for a couple of days - right around the time of your post above. It doesn't take long for it to get out of control.
In recent weeks, we've also implemented a couple of new automated things behind the scenes, which should help, as well as deputized a few new moderators to keep an eye out for spam.
One way you can help is by clicking the "report this post" button on any post you find that seems fishy. That fires off an email to all of the forum moderators and administrators, and then the race is on to see which one of us can get to it and delete it first.
November 22, 2006 @09:48pm

While not exactly spam, per se, something else I've seen increase in frequency is people posting gear for sale and/or doing some other type of marketing of themselves in some way.
In some cases these are people who actually are legitimate users of the forum. We try to politely delete the messages and direct them to the Trading Post ( http://tradingpost.sweetwater.com/ ), but some good old fashioned peer pressure may help as well. Please feel free to do your part to help keep the forum a place that is useful for you.
November 22, 2006 @10:08pm