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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Roland VS-890


I have recently purchased a VS-890 workstation along with the SCSI External CD Rom drive to burn CDs and am looking for any workshops that TEACH users how to utilize all the goodies on this machine. I am fairly technical (computer database programming) and find the Roland machine very UN-Intuitive in its applications. Any help available?
July 30, 2001 @05:00pm

I know what you mean about this thing. I use Cakewalk, and a Yamaha QY700, which I thought were difficult to master, till I bought thing. I've found the user's guide to really mess up by brain, while the operating manual tends to explain things a little better.
About the only thing that helps me is repitition.
July 30, 2001 @08:33pm

Roland has made a lot of video manuals for thier gear in the past, and they are very helpful, as you are able to watch someone go through the steps and explain how to get the most out of them.
July 30, 2001 @08:46pm