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more volume from my mix


I just finished mixing my first tune in DP 4.12. I've used midi tracks(giga 3) for drums, bass, piano and perc., and live audio for guitars, accordian and vocals. It took a while to balance everything and to adjust levels to where there was no clipping. I have one master fade to help with this. Unfortunatley when I bounce this to disk and export audio(AIFF), then open it in iTunes it sounds tiny. Compared to other pro mp3's I have to compare it to the whole mix sounds very whimpy.
Obviously without hearing the track and seeing my settings, plugins, levels etc.. its impossible to get a solid answer from anyone. Does anyone have general advice for mixing or guidlines for getting the most out of a mix?
Thanks in advance!
November 1, 2006 @01:30am

If you aren't using a plugin like Waves L1 or some kind of compression during your mastering you won't get it as loud as pro MP3's. If you are mixing down to CD, do a mixdown and then play it back and compare it to a pro CD and see if the volume difference is still there. If it is then it's the compression most likely.
November 1, 2006 @03:18am

Most commercial releases have gone through a mastering stage, where additional processing and limiting have raised the volume and put a shine so to speak. If you examine a mastered pop song file, you will notice that more then likely it is squashed to the nill, heavily limited to get it quite loud. So, you may want to experiment with some final processing on your final mixes, but of course, you need to get a good mix in the first place.
November 1, 2006 @03:22am