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i know there's a simple answer to this...


I'm taking audio from a DVD player (L and R RCA out) to a mixer (1/4 TRS in) and I'm only getting some sound...most importantly the dialogue is missing. When I pull the 1/4 cable halfway out the full sound comes in. Do I need a regular 1/4 cable not TRS? What's the deal?!
October 28, 2006 @01:25am

You should be going into stereo channels on your mixer. Sometimes the last 4channels are stereo groups. If not, use two 1/4" cables and go into 2 channels for left and right and pan them accordingly.
October 29, 2006 @04:23am

Just to expand a little bit into the "why" of what GCJammin' said, assuming you are using an adapter that goes from 2 RCA plugs to one TRS plug...
The tip and ring of a TRS plug typically each carry the same signal, except that they are reversed in polarity from one another. If you sum them together normally, you get 100% cancellation. The TRS balanced input is designed to take these "out of phase" signals and essentially turn them into a single-ended output. The advantage is that signals that are common to both leads, such as cable noise, is cancelled at the input. In this case, you're feeding two signals that have a lot of the same content into a balanced input, which cancels anything that is common to both channels, in this case the dialog and probably some other sound as well. When you pull the plug out halfway, you're shutting off one of the "phases" so the dialog comes thru normally. In reality you're only getting one side, but it sounds like it's all there.
Sounds like a quick & dirty way to make karaoke tapes....
October 30, 2006 @10:52pm

You said it better than I could have!
October 31, 2006 @05:01am