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No Bass!


Hi, I have a small (but growing by leaps and bounds) project studio set up in my house where I record demos for bands, surveilance tapes (noise removal) as well as my own music. The front bedroom is the control room and the livingroom kitchen is the recdording area where I have built a vocal booth etc. The recordings I'm now getting are excellent especially after getting the tube mp (thanks Dave Brow for steering me in the right direction), however, after mixing down a set and playing it back it's WAY bassier than what it is on the initial recording making me think my monitors (JBL 4311-b's) aren't accurately reflecting the bass I'm recording.
Now, one thing MAY be the soundcard I was mixing down into (I mix down to PC using CoolEdit Pro 1.0) so I just ordered an"Auralsomethingorother 24/96" soundcard. I just know that what I hear through the JBL's before and after mixdown is totally different and if I try to compensate with EQ it sounds like crap-ola.
Anyone know what's up? I have contacted Auralex and gave them the dimensions etc. of my control room and they may be able to provide an answer, but if any of you have any suggestions I'd be glad to entertain them. The monitors are older, but very recently re-coned with JBL factory parts (their rep said these are still in use in a few studios he knows of so getting new monitors isn't going to fix it I don't think.) Also I have NOT eq'd the control room. I have a Rane RA-27 spectrum analyzer and actually tried to do it once but I swear the pink noise at that volume level was turning my brain into tapioca pudding and in the end it didn't sound very good at all.
Thanks in advance!
Michael Sharpe
Blackwater Studios
April 9, 2002 @07:53pm

Might be worth just going with the spectrum analysis at the Bass end and seeing what happens. Other than that, there might be a wall in the wrong place of standing waves due to the shape of the room... You could try and build (or buy) some bass absorbtion boxes and have them in the control room. Could be all sorts...
April 10, 2002 @03:49am