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Pro Tools Mix Cube Help needed-


I'm upgrading my setup and need some advice.
I'm currently running a G4 400 mhz single processor with mix core and 2 farm cards with 3 888/24 on mac os 9.2.
I'm going to buy a G4 dual 1.25 "mirror door" machine as I'm led to believe that's the optimum machine for a TDM mix system.
I want to stay running os 9.2 as the other members of my band work on that os making it easy to pass sessions back and forth. I also want to run os X for a number of reasons.
Which version of osX is the most reliable for a mix system? os 10.3.something (panther) is what I'm being told...
Also I want to upgrade my version of Pro Tools. What is the last version that will work with a TDM Mix system running osX panther? (if indeed that is what I should be running)
Last questions - Whilst shopping online for a machine (at Powermax.com) I've seen many G4 dual 1.25 "mirror door" machines, most of which say that they're "dual bootable" but some don't mention it. Are all G4 "mirror door" machines dual bootable and they just forgot to put it in the spec, or os it something specific to certain machines? Also I'm not sure what "dual bootable" actually means. I'm assuming that means I can run two operating sytems side by side?
Thanks for any help.
October 23, 2006 @05:25pm

Jules - 6.4.1 is the latest version of PT for OSX that still works with your Mix hardware. It is still downloadable at a special section of Digi's website. I've found it before up there. I assume you still can. It will run under OSX version 3.x (I'm not exactly sure which specific version of Panther is best).
I believe all of the dual 1.25 MD machines are dual bootable, whether they say it or not. And dual bootable means (in this context) they can boot up under OS9 (not just Classic mode in OSX) as well as under all iterations (so far) of OSX. I currently have the latest version of Tiger running on my dual 1.25 mirror door machine. Booting up natively in OS9 is crucial for running a non OSX version of Pro Tools, or any other music app. None of them work properly in Classic Mode (that I know of). Both versions do reside "side by side" on the same volume.
October 23, 2006 @06:46pm