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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Event PS5


Are the Event PS5 a good set of monitors? I have a pair, and it seems like whenever I mix something the way I think it should sound, playback on consumer hi-fi system tells me that the bass is way out of control. I know that Event has a Subwoofer available, is that a viable option? Maybe I should just learn to mix my projects differently :) ehehe
April 9, 2002 @01:01am

I'm having the same problem dude. Hopefully someone in here can point us in the right direction! I'm not sure what's happening to yours but when i play my stuff back thru consumer stuff my bass is outrageously LOUD!!! Let me know if anyone is able to help you. You may try eq'ing your control room...I tried that...I'm almost back to normal now...:)
Mom, is that you mom?
April 9, 2002 @08:00pm